July 22, 2016

Kit and Ace was founded to fill a gap where technical comfortable clothing, normally seen as comfort casual attire could maintain a sophisticated enough design to last all day, from the office to your evening walk. With this concept in mind, and the strength of the team behind Lululemon to found it, it's no wonder that in less than 24 months Kit and Ace has become a huge global brand with a high reputation for quality and design.

So besides being great at executing a brilliant idea, Kit and Ace also take pride in supporting local talent. Every quarter each store selects a local artist, showcases their work in store, and throws an artist party inviting their extensive network of industry contacts. All this to no benefit to Kit and Ace but just for the love of supporting local art - such a great idea!

I was so lucky to be chosen by Kate Austin, Fitzroy store manager, to be the artist of the quarter. So true to tradition, they threw an artist party to celebrate. The...

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